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LightForce Braces

Advancements in orthodontic technology have led to the invention of new kinds of braces that can treat a wide range of issues with smiles.

At our orthodontic office, we are pleased to offer patients the latest innovations in orthodontic treatment, including 3D-printed LightForce Braces. These braces are fully customized for the patient's smile and work by using gentle forces to reposition the teeth over time, resulting in faster treatment times and improved comfort for patients.

What Is the LightForce System?

One of the top-notch and innovative advancements in bracket systems, the LightForce system allows orthodontists to offer custom-made orthodontic braces using 3D technology to allow for better fit and comfort. This customization and perfect fit make the treatment more efficient and comfortable, reducing the number of orthodontic appointments required to straighten the teeth.

What Does The LightForce System Include?

  • LightPlan Treatment Software

This digital planning software allows orthodontists to design and modify treatment plans effectively and easily.

  • LightTray Indirect Bonding

LightForce System includes indirect bonding trays that are ergonomically created and 3D printed for each patient, thus ensuring precise fit and treatment accuracy.

  • Cloud Brackets 

Cloud Brackets by LightForce are 3D-printed ceramic brackets that are custom-made for each patient as per their specific treatment plan.

What Makes LightForce Different?

One of the major distinctions between LightForce and other braces is that LightForce braces are completely customizable. This allows the orthodontist more flexibility and control over the treatment. Unlike traditional braces that use pre-made brackets, LightForce brackets are 3D-printed as per the specification of each patient's smile. This customization allows the orthodontist to design and develop a treatment plan based on the particular needs of each patient that helps them achieve their healthiest smile.

How Does LightForce Work?

LightForce braces are planned digitally. We'll conduct a thorough digital scan of your teeth during your initial appointment with us. Custom brackets will subsequently be fabricated using this scan for each individual tooth.

Your orthodontist has complete control over how these custom-created brackets work since they can be positioned on the teeth anywhere necessary. Compared to using standard braces, this speeds up and improves the effectiveness of treatment. Additionally, LightForce brackets are more discreet than metal braces! They are entirely made of polycrystalline alumina, which perfectly matches the color of your teeth.

What Are The Benefits of LightForce Braces?

Due to the proprietary 3D-printed technology, LightForce brackets are patient-specific as opposed to conventional brackets, which have a predefined prescription. The strength and accuracy of the 3D-printed braces, together with their customization to the patient's unique orthodontic anatomy, allow us to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

The LightForce system also allows your orthodontists to view the final tooth location from the planning stage and enables them to make any required adjustments straight to the 3D model in real time.

Additionally, unlike traditional braces, LightForce employs indirect bonding, which means that the brackets are positioned precisely on a model of your teeth. After that, we place them on trays and seal and cure them. The braces are attached directly to your teeth once they are prepared. 

Due to this streamlined procedure, we are able to place upper and lower brackets in under an hour!

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