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Headache And Migraine Relief with TruDenta® in Fresno

Finally, an answer for chronic headaches, migraines, and TMJ/TMD pain!

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Is it stress? What is wrong with me? Is it my hormones? Is it my sinuses? Am I genetically cursed? I don’t even feel like getting my routine dental work done.

Why can't I get this figured out?

Do I really have to live my life on painkillers?

Where do I turn for headache relief? Real relief.

Is TMJ relief really possible without needing to wear a mouthguard every night?


Finally, your dental office can help!

The TruDenta systems have been designed to get at the heart of your headaches, migraines, TMJ, jaw pain or face pain. Through proven, state of the art technologies in the fields of advanced dentistry and sports medicine, you can finally get headache and migraine relief in a way that will:

  • Reduce your pain levels as well as the duration of pain.
  • Provide headache relief without dependence on drug-related solutions.
  • Give you control of your healing process.
  • Possibly even give you your life back; the one you enjoyed before all this pain took you down the path of “trying to cope.”

It's time to have a talk with your orthodontist or ortho assistant about how we can help you. A simple painless screening test can determine if TruDenta is right for you. Our digital diagnostic technologies can even show you what might be causing your symptoms.

TruDenta Testimonials

Amy was a chronic headache and migraine sufferer who was on a daily regimen of pain medicine. After her very first TruDenta treatment, Amy's headaches diminished significantly. She feels, "…released and no pain whatsoever." Amy describes the change in her life as "amazing."

More Testimonials from Other TruDenta Patients.

I felt like a million bucks. After my treatment yesterday I felt wonderful. It's a total well-being experience. [email protected]
It's amazing how quickly it happens, and you are just so skeptical, like nothing is going to work. I happen to have had jaw pain for as long as I can remember. Now I don't feel any! [email protected]
It was absolutely amazing. It was really truly amazing. It was almost overwhelming. It was incredible. [email protected]
My experience was life altering. It's amazing. [email protected]
It actually shows results after only one treatment. [email protected]
I truly enjoyed the treatment and definitely feel the difference. [email protected]
I have drastically improved. I no longer have jaw pain and my headaches have improved. I felt like a different person. I would highly recommend this treatment. [email protected]
I had headaches all day, every day. I was taking probably 24 Ibuprofen every day. [Since the treatment] I haven't taken Ibuprofen for headaches for four weeks! [email protected]

Headache, Migraine, and TMJ Symptoms Treated

As a TruDenta dental practice, we can treat head and jaw pain symptoms including:

Chronic headaches, migraines, face and jaw pain, TMJ/TMD, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and other dental force related symptoms.

Age and Wear

As the body ages, so does the bite. Natural teeth wear at different rates from years of dental work. For example, fillings and crowns can be made from amalgam, precious metals, ceramics, or other materials. The different materials within your mouth wear at different rates and can cause improper alignment of the teeth, forcing the muscles and tendons to work harder to compensate for any imbalances. As we age, joints and cartilage are reduced in thickness. This changes angles and forces within the overall dentomandibular region. As you grow older, your teeth and bite change, potentially causing many of the headache and jaw pain symptoms which can be treated by our TruDenta trained practice.

Head, Neck, or Body Trauma

Vehicle accidents, sporting activities, or even your baby bumping his or her head against yours could cause force related symptoms in the head, neck, and jaw. The list of events that can cause head trauma is long. Current symptoms may have been created years ago by an event long since forgotten or dismissed as minor. Head, neck, or jaw trauma could cause stretching or tearing of the ligaments and muscles along with other unseen or undiagnosed dental force imbalances and impairment.

Dental Repair and Orthodontics

Symptoms may also develop due to poor adaptation to completed dental work, aged restorative materials and, in some cases, from poor adaptation of the patient to orthodontic changes. Wisdom teeth extraction can also be a potential source of dental force related symptoms.

Stress, Diet, Posture, and Frequent Computer Use

If you lead a stress-free life, congratulations! You are less likely to have dental force related symptoms in your head, neck, and jaw. For the other 99% of the world, stress and poor posture (such as from sitting in front of a computer for hours or long commutes) can result in many of the symptoms outlined above. Weight gain and improper eating habits can also contribute to your head, neck, and jaw pain.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, contact us today for a painless evaluation and examination utilizing our patented TruDenta diagnostic technologies.

TruDenta Facts

Q. What symptoms can be resolved at a TruDenta practice?

A. The majority of the patients we treat are suffering from headaches, migraines, face/jaw pain, TMJ/TMD, and other recurring discomforts of the head, neck, mouth, and jaw.

Q. What can cause the symptoms resolved by TruDenta?

A. Improper or unbalanced forces within the head, neck, and jaw can be caused by a number of factors including dental work, poor work posture, accidents, head trauma, or many other conditions.

Q. What should I expect during a TruDenta exam?

A. We can provide important, objective, diagnostic information which may help identify the causes of your symptoms. The examination includes a computerized measurement of the force balance in your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis, and a computerized measurement of the disability of your muscle movements. Then your mouth movements will be measured. With these easy, painless tests, we can expect to be able to see where your problems lie. The remainder of your comprehensive examination will help you and your dentist pinpoint other related areas of mouth health, muscle health, tooth related issues, and other potential problem areas which will be addressed during your treatment. Only TruDenta dentists are equipped with this unique combination of diagnostic tools and education, which can often lead to immediate symptom resolution for patients.

Q. What is the TruDenta treatment process?

A. After completing an exam and providing a diagnosis, your doctor may prescribe a personalized program of therapy and rehabilitation designed to lead to lasting symptom resolution. The TruDenta treatments are painless and drug and needle free. The treatments are primarily performed by a specialist within the dental practice and utilize patented technologies, many of which are derived from advanced sports medicine therapy.

Q. What will I experience after the first treatment?

A. Depending upon your symptoms, patients often realize immediate relief and see objective improvement in their symptoms. See the testimonial videos from actual patients after their first TruDenta treatment here.

Q. What does TruDenta treatment cost?

A. It depends upon the diagnosis of the individual patient, but in general, treatment cost can range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. Our practice offers flexible financing options to make TruDenta treatment affordable to everyone. Please visit our TruDenta pain relief costs page for more information or call to schedule a consultation.

Q. Is the TruDenta treatment covered by insurance?

A. It depends on your insurance carrier and policy. Call to schedule a consultation and we can explain your insurance coverage and/or financing options.

TruDenta Costs

There are many factors that determine the cost of your TruDenta treatment: how extensive the issues are that need to be corrected, how long your treatment plan will last, and the specific treatment details prescribed by your dentist.

TruDenta Payment Options

  • Discount for paying in full
  • Affordable payment plans available
  • Flexible financing available to fit your budget
  • Various payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs
  • Most major credit cards accepted


Our office will file the necessary insurance claim forms for the diagnostic exam and therapy, along with any necessary letters explaining the plan for your care. We file the forms that include the precise code numbers that correspond to your evaluation/management, diagnosis, and procedures. It is your responsibility to follow up with your insurance company should your benefits be denied.

To schedule a free consultation to determine if TruDenta is right for you, contact us today.

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