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If you are searching for a way to straighten your teeth, then we can recommend clear braces for a discreet and effective solution. Clear braces blend in with surrounding teeth so they will be more challenging to notice. Clear braces are a form of braces that consist of porcelain or ceramic to blend in with surrounding teeth while straightening them.

Clear braces are available at Mark Lowe D.D.S. Orthodontics in Fresno and the surrounding area. Once the braces are in place, they will begin to move your teeth into the desired position. After you have completed the treatment, you will wear a retainer for approximately six months to keep your teeth in place.

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A Discreet Teeth Straightening Treatment

While traditional metal braces are noticeable on the teeth, clear braces are generally tooth-colored. Clear braces blend in with surrounding teeth and consist of porcelain or ceramic material. This way, patients can enjoy the benefits of tooth-colored treatment while also straightening their teeth.

Similar to traditional metal braces, we will attach the brackets to the teeth with dental glue. While they are not removable, clear braces will be difficult for other people to notice while they gradually shift the teeth. Since they are clear, the patient will need to be cautious about bits of food being noticeable.

The Process for Getting Clear Braces

Since no patient is exactly like another, we will customize the treatment to the needs of each patient. After we take a mold of the teeth, we will map out the direction in which the teeth need to shift to get back into alignment. Some patients may require spacers for the back teeth before getting braces.

If that is the case, we will customize the treatment and prepare the patient when scheduling the appointment. Before placing the braces, we will ensure the teeth are clean. We will place glue on each tooth before setting it with a dental tool that creates a blue light. This blue light will help to harden the adhesive. We will then use metal bands to anchor the braces around the molars.

After placing a ligature around each bracket, we will attach an archwire. Since these are clear braces, we can use white wires to continue blending in with the teeth. We will ensure we cut the wires to t, so they do not damage or irritate the gums.

Maintaining Clear Braces

While the ceramic brackets are stain-resistant, the clear bands can stain. If that happens, the braces will be more noticeable. Patients should follow the guidelines to keep the braces clean. First, patients should avoid foods and beverages with dark pigmentation that cause the braces and bands to stain, including:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cola
  • Red wine
  • Beets
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Blueberries

People should brush the braces after each meal and snack. Those who cannot brush right away should rinse the mouth with water. Water removes food particles that can harm the braces or stain the bands. While it can seem challenging to use traditional floss while wearing braces, we can recommend alternatives that are just as effective.

These alternatives include a water flosser or a type of orthodontic floss threader to move the floss between the teeth while wearing braces. We will help the patient determine the most effective solution after placing the braces.

Follow-Up Care

We will create a follow-up schedule for patients with clear braces. As an orthodontist, we can help to make adjustments and keep the patient on track for treatment. Failure to show up for follow-up appointments can lengthen the duration of treatment. Most patients will need follow-up appointments every 4-6 weeks.

Our orthodontist replaces the elastic bands during the follow-up visits. Wires also might need to be replaced during these visits.

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Clear braces are a good choice if you want to straighten your teeth without the world knowing. The braces are difficult to detect, so most people will not realize you are straightening your teeth. If you are ready to get braces in Fresno, call 559-467-1235 to schedule a consultation with Mark Lowe D.D.S..

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults and teenagers wear clear braces?

Clear braces are an effective treatment for adults and teens. We will examine the patient to ensure that these braces are the right choice. If so, then we will begin the procedure.

Can clear braces be worn on the top and bottom teeth?

Clear braces can go on the top and bottom row of teeth. However, some people choose to get clear braces on the top teeth and metal braces on the bottom teeth. Ceramic is a hard material. If the top teeth bite into the braces, the teeth might chip or crack.

Can clear braces treat significant alignment issues?

Clear braces can treat mild to significant alignment issues. Most patients are good candidates for this option. Clear braces are a treatment that can benefit most people.

Are the elastic bands visible?

While some people choose to get colorful bands, clear bands are also available. These bands match the ceramic or porcelain braces. Clear bands also blend in with the teeth.

Do clear braces take longer to straighten teeth?

No, clear braces work just as quickly as traditional metal braces do. Orthodontists choose the degree of pressure for the braces. The pressure moves the teeth to the desired position.

Do patients need a retainer after the braces are removed?

Patients need to wear a retainer after their braces come off. Most patients must wear a retainer for six months. The retainer prevents the teeth from moving.

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