Awards and Accolades

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  • In 2012, our office was once again recognized for clinical excellence. Three of our patient’s smiles were chosen as Top 100 results in the world.
  • Since 2012, five of our patient’s smiles were chosen as Top 100 results in the world.
  • Dr. lowe is featured in January 2009 Orthotown magazine with an article on the Invisalign Teen product.
  • Our office has specialized in delivering Invisalign since 2000, when Invisalign first became available to the Central Valley.
  • Premier Provider since the designation was started in 2005.
  • Top 100 office in North America in 2006.
  • Elite Preferred Provider since 2007.
  • Dr. Lowe was the first Elite Preferred Orthodontist within 100 miles.
  • Dr. Lowe was the first Elite Preferred Provider within 50 miles.
  • We have a library of 900 successful cases to review.
  • Dr. Lowe and Staff members have attended more Invisalign continuing educations courses than any other local office.
  • There is a difference between an Orthodontist and general dentist practicing Orthodontics; an Orthodontist has a minimum of 2 additional years of specialized training in Orthodontics.
  • Dr. Lowe lectures regularly in California, Nevada, and Hawaii to Orthodontists and general dentists.
  • Dr. Lowe and Staff have lectured at National, International, and State meetings and help offices with both clinical and clerical information.
  • Dr. Lowe regularly lectures to local general dentists in study clubs, general dentists at UCSF-Fresno, and UOP Orthodontic residents.
  • Dr. Lowe is the attending staff member of UCSF-Fresno, which is the only General Practice Residency program in the country that teaches and delivers Invisalign clinically.
  • Our office has been involved with Align Technology’s research and development, including the development of the Teen product.

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